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If you are dealing with dark eye circles, age spots, or hyperpigmentation or you are trying to get rid of acne scars, Meladerm skin lightening product from Civant Skin Care is the perfect solution you need.

Civant Skin Care’s team of experts has been doing research and development for years before creating the right formula, highly proven to help treating your skin problems. It is highly understood that you have concern and hesitation about the side effects but you can rest assured as Civant Skin Care has the highly professionals experts on the field of chemistry and pharmacy. They put health and safety of the products and its users on the top of priority of the research. They are committed to develop the best quality products with optimum benefits for us.


Civant Skin Care started planning to create the most powerful skin lightening product in the spring of 1999. We wanted to create a formula which is effective in lightening skin and safe for normal us as well. It may sound simple. However, our team needed extensive research and development to create this kind of product. We considered every possible factor in creating this innovative formula. Once we completed the research, we named it Meladerm. This new and innovative skin lightening formula featured the most advanced technologies and latest research in skin lightening industry. And in the fall of 2003, this product was finally available in the market after four years of trials and tests. Since that year, our R&D team has been improving the formula continuously. With these innovations, Meladerm is now become the most advanced skin lightening products compared to other products in the industry.

How does the formula work?

The formula in Meladerm contains the safest and most beneficial active ingredients. They are obtained from natural extracts. Some of them are Licorice, mulberry, and Bearberry plants. Civant really understand that you need safe lightening skin products so that we do not use harmful bleaching substance such as hydroquinone and mercury.

Human being has melanin or natural pigment. This pigment determines the color of your skin. Melanine is produced by melanosomes, a cytoplasmic organelles. Within the organelles, there is a conversion process from amino acid tyrosine to melanin. It is catalyzed by enzyme tyrosinase. Skin areas with darker skin color usually have more active melanosomes than melanosomes found in normal skin areas of the body. To solve this problem, it is best to deal with melanosomes and the enzyme tyronase.

It takes time and patience to fade dark spots naturally and achieve bright and even complexion. However, if you use Meladerm and exfoliating agent, you will see big difference on your dark spots in two weeks. It usually takes about 2 months to achieve the full result. The time and result vary between one and another due to different skin condition and physiology.

What makes Meladerm different from other lightening skin products?

There are numerous choices of skin lightening products that you can find in the market. And you may find a product that has similar active ingredients with Meladerm’s ingredients. However, not a single skin lightening product can match Meladerm formula. The thing that makes Meladerm different from other products is extensive research. Other products may have similar ingredients but it is not as effective as Meladerm. To create a powerful and effective skin lightening product such as Meladerm, the manufacturer must take excellent care in producing the product. Certain ingredients will easily deteriorate and lose its ability in lightening your skin because of air and light. That’s why Civant team protects Kojic Acid and other substances from air and light. The team uses vacuum desiccators to store certain substances. We also micronized and filter all the active ingredients and natural extracts to improve efficiency. Meanwhile, most low quality manufacturers do not take the precautions above.

When manufacturing a skin lightening product, manufacturers must not only take great care with the active ingredient. They must also choose the right base ingredients. It is important for them to formulate proper carriers and liposome so that the active ingredients are well absorbed into the skin. To minimize irritation, the products must also contain moisturizer and effective preservatives. Meladerm has the active ingredients in the highest concentration that is tolerated by the skin. Aside from high quality active ingredients, this skin lightening product also contains special base ingredients. The combination of these two high quality ingredients resulted in effective and efficient skin lightening formula that sets Meladerm apart from other brands.

The use of Meladerm

You can use Meladerm to decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation on your skin face and body.  Many people use Meladerm to treat uneven skin tone and dark spots. This lightening skin product can be used both on the face and body for various skin problem, such as:

  • Dark discoloration/ hyperpigmentation
  • freckless
  • Age spots/ sun spots/liver spots
  • Suns damage/tans
  • Chloasma/melasma
  • Old scars
  • Acne marks
  • Dark areas on elbows, knuckles, and underarms
  • Birthmarks
  • Uneven skin tones

Meladerm is a topical cream. It must not be applied in the mouth and eyes or ingested. It is not a drug. It cannot be used to prevent and treat any disease. For more information, you can take a look our FAQ: Does Meladerm work on all kinds of hyperpigmentation?

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Directions of use

Before you apply Meladerm cream, you must wash your skin and dry it. Apply the cream evenly on the affected areas. Do it twice a day. When you are applying this cream, make sure that you massage it thoroughly until the cream well absorbed into your skin. For the best result, apply this cream after you apply exfoliation scrub. If you have certain medical condition or concerns, you had better talk to your dermatologist first. Monitoring from medical professional is needed for long term treatment using any products.

  • For best result, apply the cream in the morning and at night
  • It is strongly recommended for you to apply SPF 30 or higher along with the cream
  • Wait 10 minutes before applying the sunblock and makeup
  • Avoid sun exposure sun lamps and tanning beds
  • It is for topical use only and must not be used in the mouth or eyes and ingested
  • Keep it in a dry cool place. Avoid direct sunlight
  • You must not dismantle its container. Doing it will let air and light to oxidize the cream

Warning: Prevent contact with eyes. It may cause mild skin irritation for some users at first. If you suffer from severe skin irritation, you must stop applying it and consult a doctor. Before you apply this cream, you had better do spot test for allergic reactions on your neck or arm. You must not use it while you are pregnant or nursing. It is not for children under 12. And it is for external use only.